LCCRA1 smallLCCRA is a volunteer, not for profit organization, which promotes amongst all residents of Loyalist Estates, a happy and caring community, good neighbourly spirit, caring for one another with a focus on good health, enjoyment and the development of a happy atmosphere.

We encourage the participation of all Loyalist Estates residents in LCCRA. It is not a requirement that you be a member of the Golf and Country Club (CCC) [See what’s the difference]

We identify social and sporting oriented activities to meet the needs of the residents.  Develop these activities either through direct implementation or through coordinating with existing activities in the community, the Village of Bath or the surrounding area.

We liaise with the Village of Bath and /or Loyalist Township as required when situations arise which involve our community.

We bring to the attention of the membership any issue (s) which would pertain to maintaining and enhancing of our property values.

Our membership fee structure is $15.00 annually per family.

This gives you full access to all activities supported by LCCRA, an annual phone book, the Honking Goose, a community newsletter published five or six times annually, and supports the LCCRA web site.

The inputs to this web site are written, collected and published by volunteers. Every effort is made to keep the information current and accurate. The web site is intended for general information only. Specific date’s times and other information should be verified.