Loyalist County Infrastructure Master Plan. (IMP)

Traffic Calming within our community.

Speed and noise control on County Road 7

The Loyalist Township is developing, as a part of the Infrastructure Master Plan, a traffic calming protocol for specific areas of concern.

With the large number of higher density housing units in Phase 8 and the northern extension of Country Club I can see several areas where traffic calming would be beneficial.

The Kaitlin “Aura by the Lake” development, single and semidetached homes, the future Phase 9 and Phase 10 will also add more traffic to the immediate area.

There will be two public surveys coming out from the Township one in September and one in October. Amongst other things the one in September concerns walking trails and pedestrian pathways. The September survey will look at traffic calming.

You can have a direct impact on the Township decisions concerning these projects by firstly giving your perspective to the IMP Team at Loyalist Township prior to the finalization of the survey and secondly by completing the surveys when they become available from the from the Township.

If you believe there should be traffic calming structures put in place such as:

1) A roundabout at the intersection of Country Club and Greenhaven,

2) Something between Greenhaven and The Abbey Dawn roundabout. (Currently used as a drag strip),

3) Calming measures on the extension of Country Club North,

4) A roundabout at the community entrances on Highway 33 (Bath Road) and on County Road 7 (Church Street),

5) Four way stop signs at the intersections of Britannia Cres with Country Club,

6) 30 or 40 Kl/h hour general speed limit in the community,

Give your inputs now by sending an email with your concerns to the infrastructure Master Plan Team at infrastructuremasterplan@loyalist.ca or call Jenna Campbell, MPA, P.Eng. Engineering and Environment Manager: 613-386-7351 x151

When the surveys become available on the Township website  I will be sending a link to all LCCRA members.

Speed and noise control on County Road 7

The speed limit on County Road 7 going north from Bath changes from 50 Kl/h hour to 80 Kl/h hour just past the entrance to the Golf Club on Loyalist Boulevard. The result is that traffic starts accelerating hard up the hill resulting in very high noise levels for all of us with houses backing on to County Road 7.

This is something that a large number of pick-up trucks, motorcycles and sports cars love to do so that the driver can hear that powerful roar.

For traffic traveling south down the hill on County Road 7  they find themselves facing the exit and entrance to the golf club at the same time as a change in the speed limit. This situation presents the opportunity for serious collisions as the traffic exiting and entering the community on Loyalist Boulevard increases.

County road 7 is controlled by the County not the Township. Jim Klaver from the County offices informed me that southbound on County Road 7 there will be a 60 km/h zone from Doyle Road to the top of the hill (close to the transformer station) where it will transition to 50 km/h going down the hill and into Bath. In the northbound direction the 50 km/h zone will be from Bath to the top of the hill followed by a 60Kl/h zone to Doyle Road where it will become 80 km/h. The plan is to make this change in the fall of 2021.

If you have any comments concerning this plan for County Road 7, please contact Jim Klaver at 613 354 4883 or by email jklaver@lennox-addington.on.ca


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  • Brian Hanlon

    All of these ideas and plans need to be implemented before completion of all extensions within the golf course community and in and out of Bath.

  • Doug Cunningham

    I think also stop signs at the corners of hwy 33 and country club dr. Most vehickes are doing 60 70 kph , thursday a truck through i figure at 80kph in the morning .secondly possible speed bumps on main st out to Country club Dr and starting at first st. and the 50 k signs lite up . Another suggestion would be photo radar particular in the lower village out to fickles . We have got to something before someone gets injuried

  • Susan Johnston

    The pavement unevenness/ “bump” on Country Club Drive (next to the beginning of #1 fairway / just north of the mailboxes) should be made into a legit speed bump.

    People (and construction trucks) speed through here and end up making a ton of noise with their vehicles because they don’t bother slowing down for it. This is just as bad the “drag strip” on the other side but with loud car and truck noises to boot.

    An actual speed bump would make the street much safer and quieter. Thank you.

  • Gerald Morgan

    Changing the speed limit on Cty Rd 7 at the Loyalist entrance will likely increase the noise with vehicles gearing up going north and using engine brakes coming south. A “round about” similar to Cty Rd #4 & Hwy #2 would solve the speeding problem. I came from Kitchener-Waterloo and all new developments have numerous RaB’s. Speed humps are really annoying. Some street owners complained until they got these ‘humps’ and shortly thereafter the same people complained to ‘get them removed’. [Drivers were blowing their vehicle horns upon approaching and leaving them.] All emergency vehicles will take more time to respond to a call.

  • Guy Hallifax

    Automobile speed control (speed bumps) are required on Country Club Drive, between both ends of Britannia Crescent access. As this road is open (along side of the first fairway) the vehicles (including those involved in the home construction) accelerate substantially above the speed limit along this stretch, in both directions.

    Thank you. Guy Hallifax, 472 Country Club Drive. 613-352-5049

  • Robert+Crews

    It is greatly appreciated the action being taken for the noise and speed control on country road 7. It’s comforting to see Municipal agencies taking action before a tragedy happens!!! The planning for future traffic is also encouraging!!

  • Richard Ward

    A roundabout at the community entrance from CR 7 is/will be a waste of money.
    The current site lines are more than adequate. If the county addresses the speed limits as they have stated, which has been our personal mission for more than 3 years, then vehicles will be at manageable speeds to address unusual situations. There is a turning lane for those wishing to enter the community.
    We have lived within 4 residences from this intersection for more than 5 years and cannot recall more than one accident. Speeding is a major issue but the traffic flow is minimal.

  • Kathie Dick

    PLEASE, no speed bumps, anything but speed bumps. They will be a daily irritation to everyone who passes over them. There are enough irritants here without speed bumps.

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