Sunshine Club

Volunteers for the Sunshine Club for 2020/21….

Hello Loyalist residents, for those of you who are new to the community, I’d like to tell you a little about the Sunshine Club.
The club has been in existence for many years here in Loyalist helping those in their time of need.

Just a reminder to LCCRA members.   If you know of someone who is hospitalized, who is having treatment for a serious disease or who’s spouse has passed… and they need a little sunshine in their lives… please call one of our sunshine ladies to make it happen.  Each lady is responsible for taking care of neighbours near where they live, so be sure to check the list for the correct phone number.
Thanks to everyone for their support.

There are presently 15 ladies in the community who make up the Sunshine Club and I’ve listed their names below and their contact numbers (please keep these in a place close to your phone for future reference). They are all volunteers and need your help to do what they do…. but I’ll explain that later.

The Sunshine ladies spring into action when someone is in need of a little sunshine in their life. They deliver gifts to those who have been bereaved of a spouse, are battling a serious illness or have been hospitalized. It can be as simple as a bottle of wine, a bunch of flowers, or a gift certificate, but this small act of kindness can brighten the day of the recipient and let them know that the community cares.

And now how you can help…. The Sunshine ladies depend on neighbours to advise them when they know a friend or neighbour in Loyalist can benefit from a Sunshine gift. Just give them a call.

It’s been a tough time during covid-19 but remember… not everything is cancelled…  spring isn’t cancelled, friends aren’t cancelled, sunshine isn’t cancelled… and The Sunshine Club is still here to brighten up our neighbours’ day.

I want to thank Shirley Lloyd and Esther Quirt as they are both stepping down from the club.  Both have been with us for years helping our community. I know Shirley will be missed as she is leaving Loyalist.
Siggy Gudzus has agreed to take over from Shirley on Britannia and hopefully Anita and I will be fine on Country Club Drive.
I’ve attached a new list of Sunshine ladies below.  Please reach out to these ladies if you know of a neighbour in need.
Other good news  LCCRA has kindly donated $500 to the Sunshine Club, so our bank account looks good.
Thank you so much!

Here’s the list of Sunshine ladies.


Stay safe and well.

Linda (McCormack)