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The Fairways Book Club has been in existence since 2005 at the clubhouse.

We keep the group to approximately 16 members, so everyone has a chance to contribute at each meeting. In the winter, we have two meetings with the Happy Bookers Book Club, as both of our clubs’ numbers are low.

We discuss a wide range of books, from mysteries to Canadian and internationally flavoured books. We also discuss authors, and choose a book of our choice by the author of the month, as decided in advance, in our ten month book/author list. Occasionally we have guest authors, or go on community outings, relating to books or authors.

July and August are months off.

We collect a loonie each month at our meeting, which is on the second Monday of every month. We make an annual contribution to literacy, often to Bath Public School.

Every November we compile a list of books/authors to be voted on, for the ten meetings of the next year, and assign a facilitator for each meeting.

We are a sociable group and we welcome inquiries to join us.

2nd Monday of the month except July and August

In the clubhouse

Kathy ffolliott (613) 352-8700,
Joyce Friesen (613) 352- 8776