If you ever consider adding anything to your existing deck there are a few things to consider. I recently decided to add a Sunroom to my existing deck and soon found out there were a few hoops to jump through in order to obtain a building permit.

Remember those ten inch diameter sonotubes you fill with concrete? Most of us have decks built on this type of support. The latest building code requires sonotubes to stand on a footing. If you intend add anything to your deck or build from scratch you will be required to meet this conform. The old style supports are not grandfathered in. You will need to replace or add additional supports which meet the new code.

When I started to investigate the requirements to add a sunroom I discovered that I needed to replace my existing sonotubes or add additional supports. I chose the latter. The easiest and least expensive solution , compared to removing and replacing sonotubes, was to use helical piles.

There are several companies offering a variety of helical piles, the one serving the Bath area is “Postech Screw Piles” 1395 Bridge Street W. Napanee Ont.. I contacted Jerome 613 929 4212 and sent him a sketch. Less than a week later the posts were installed under my existing deck.

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