We may not like it, but the fact is there are hundreds of trucks and other heavy transport vehicles using highway 33 through the village of Bath on a daily basis.

Most, if not all of this traffic is heading to or from the construction site at the Napanee Generating Station (NGS) or the LafargeHolcim cement plant.

Hundreds of heavy vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and tourist traffic do not mix well. Add to this the possibility of heavy transport vehicles exceeding the 50 km/h speed limit and it is only a matter of time before serious accidents occur.

TransCanada, the owner/operator of the NGS and LafargeHolcim the owner/operator of the cement plant, are well aware of this and have made safety a prime concern. They are not just paying lip service to the issue. They both have a no tolerance policy for any of their vehicles caught exceeding the posted speed limit.

To reinforce this they have worked with the OPP, the township, and the county to install three radar speed signs. TransCanada has financed two signs and LafargeHolcim the other. They are strategically located, one is eastbound and one westbound on highway 33 just before the village of Bath. A third is located northbound on country road 8, (Hamburg Road) just before Southview Public School heading into Napanee.

If you notice the eastbound sign heading into the village of Bath on highway 33 it is obscured by a static 50 km/h sign. The Township has been made aware of this and is in the process of relocating the static sign.

Radar signThe radar signs are not just flashing lights indicating the speed of approaching traffic. They record the speed, date and time of each passing vehicle.

The data recorded is the property of TransCanada and LafargeHolcim. A spokesman for TransCanada said “We will make the data available to the appropriate authorities”.

It is hoped that with the installation of these radar signs, pedestrians, cyclists and tourist traffic will see a reduction in the number of speeding vehicles in the village of Bath and the approaches to Napanee on country road 8, (Hamburg Road).

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