Loyalist Township Virtual Public Meeting

Zoning Amendment Kaitlin Phase 8 (Jan 2021)

WHEN: Monday 8th February 2021

WHAT TIME: 7.00PM or shortly thereafter

WHERE: Virtual on-line meeting

Summary: Phase 8 consists of the following.

23 Detached lots with 44Ft frontage.

69 Detached lots with 36Ft frontage.

20 Semi-detached lots with 60Ft frontage. (30Ft per unit)

Zoning Change Request

The current “Lot Coverage” regulation specifies maximum 40% coverage for a dwelling and 45% for all dwellings and structures.

The zoning amendment (if approved) would increase this coverage to 44% for a bungalow dwelling and 49% for all buildings and structures associated with a bungalow dwelling to accommodate bungalow dwellings containing two-bedroom units with a single car garage. The increased lot coverage would not apply to units above a single story.

The zoning amendment covers 30 of the 112 Lots in Phase 8.

3 Detached lots with 44Ft frontage.  9 Detached lots with 36Ft frontage.  18 Semi-detached lots with 60Ft frontage. (36 units with 30Ft frontage per unit)

Full details of the public meeting, how to join, and a copy of the Township notice describing the zoning change request can be found here Loyalist Township – Phase 8 Rezoning (1)

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