Exciting News…. The Pharmacy is expanding its Foot Care Services.

Mike Pavagadhi and his wife Greeshma are the owner/operators of a new Pharmasave franchise located next to the Loyalist Grill in Bath. Mike qualified with a Bachelor of Pharmacy in India, his home country. After coming to Canada fourteen years ago he needed to re-qualify to Canadian standards by passing exams given by the Pharmacy Examining boards of Canada in Toronto. Mike has been working as a Pharmacy Manager at the No Frills Pharmacy in Napanee  for the past seven years and now its time to branch out on his own.
“I want to work in a small community where I can get to know my clients in person” said Mike “As a Pharmacist I like to give the personal touch, which is difficult to do in a large centre like Napanee. Here in Bath we are going to run a full service Pharmacy which will include

  • Free local delivery
  • Competitive dispensing fees
  • Free bubble packs for multiple medications
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Free consultations
  • and most importantly a professional, individual, friendly, and comprehensive pharmacy service.

Mike’s wife Greeshma, who also qualified as a pharmacist in India, is presently taking final exams to obtain her Canadian licence, and will be working in the pharmacy as an assistant to Mike.

Mike, Greeshma and their two children, (ages six and four) are currently living in Napanee and are planning to move to Bath in the near future. Once settled in Mike is planning to use his extensive network to find a family doctor who is willing to partner with the pharmacy and set up a practice in Bath.

“It’s very easy process to move from one pharmacy to another” said Mike “all you have to do is come in, give me your consent, name and date of birth, name of your present pharmacy and I will take care of transferring your files and history”.


For more information and to keep up with the special offers visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/bathpharmasave/

Bath Family Pharmasave Announces the Expansion of Seniors Outreach Services Foot Care Clinics

You don’t need to be a Senior or Diabetic to need foot care (clients range from 14 to 100 years old!!!), Seniors Outreach Services offers Nurse administered Basic, Advanced and Diabetic Foot care for locals at a significantly reduced price. Without the hassle of driving to the city or paying for parking.

You need foot care if you have hammer toes, thickened, or yellow cracked nails, in-grown painful nails corns, or calluses. As we age or have underlying diseases such as Diabetes, or are taking certain medications, our bodies may need extra care and do not heal as well or as quickly. If you are Diabetic, annual Screening tests are included in the service. A Diabetic and Advanced Foot care nurse evaluates the client and makes a plan of care based on the individual needs of each client.

The Nurse for the Bath Clinics is Jennifer Morris RPN (Advanced Footcare Mobile Clinic) who is a local nurse and has been practicing foot care since 2009, with a solid background in Hospital and wound care.She recently has taken over providing care for the satellite clinics in Amherstview, Centreville and now Bath. The Bath clinic began in September 2016 as a monthly service, but has been increased to every other week due to demand. It is expected to become a weekly service as more people in the Bath area find out about it!

For the cost of $25 you have a one on one 30 minute session with a Footcare Nurse. When you compare the cost of $45-75 elsewhere, it’s a bargain, and its right here in Bath. Bath Family Pharmacy with Seniors outreach have worked very hard to bring this service to Bath, Come into the Pharmacy, or contact Brittney at L&A SOS 613-354-6668 to book your appointment today, no referral necessary.

Bath Family Pharmasave carries wide varieties of products for Foot care , Compression stockings , and home health care as well.

Pharmacy is open Monday to Friday 9 Am to 6 Pm

Saturday from 10 am to 3 Pm.

You can call pharmacy for more information about the clinic as well. 613-352-7700.

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