A new service right here in Bath.

After about 45 years of working in the field of law as a Law Clerk/Paralegal, Wendy knew she wanted to do something in her retirement.  She also knew that the “something” would have to be a lot softer around the edges than working in law and in an environment over which she would have control.

On retiring, Wendy enrolled in the Kingston Academy of Esthetics and Natural Therapies to train to become an esthetician.  She was the oldest registered student, in a classroom surrounded by young women freshly out of high school.  Wendy recalls how difficult it was, at the age of retirement, to return to books, studying, learning, and the discipline of simply being a student.  However, it paid off when she graduated at the top of her class and was professionally trained to start hew new endevour.

In January of 2016, Wendy opened an esthetics treatment room under the name of Nails N Lashes.  She provides full service esthetics and has already built up a healthy client list.  Word of mouth has served her well and her clients are thrilled not to have to travel to Napanee or Kingston for all their esthetic services.

Before opening, Wendy also investigated many product lines as the majority of her clients are more senior, having more fragile skin, with allergies and sensitivities.  She settled on product line called “First Aid Beauty”.  The products are all scent free, free of phthalates, parabens, alcohol, harsh chemicals or colorants, have been allergy tested and are safe for sensitive and fragile skin, and are non-comedogenic.

Wendy also provides mobile esthetic services to women with breast cancer in and around Kingston, Napanee, etc.  These clients are often unable to get out to treat themselves as their lives have become dramatically disrupted.  Through the sponsorship of Camden Braes Golf and Country Club, clients are referred to Wendy and she packs her bags and products and visits them at home, providing them with a bit of pampering in their otherwise difficult days.

Wendy is fully insured and is taking new clients.  References are, of course, available on request.

Wouldn’t you like to be pampered – just a  little bit?

Contact Wendy O’Neill, at 613-352-5610 or nailsnlashes.spa@gmail.com to obtain a “Services and Price List” or to make an appointment.

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