Each year at this time, the LCCRA likes to update our members on the activities and actions of  your executive and keep you posted on most of our activities. Since our AGM in May the continuing and the new members of the executive have been working on the items  identified of interest to the community. The names and addresses of  are on our website. at http://lccra.ca/who-we-are/lccra-executive. We are now  over 325 households in our member community and we take pride in making Loyalist the best place to live.

President: Vacant Currently the position is vacant which is contrary to our bylaws. We acknowledge this but since no one from the current executive  had come forward, vacancy is the preferred solution until the Vice President (Iain MacIver) moves up to that position next year. The past president,  Paul Swinwood is chairing the meetings.

Social Committee, Chair Linda, McCormack ,

Linda is in the process of planning the winter 2019-2020 activities both on our own and in conjunction with the club house. Linda welcomes and seeks ideas for activities at Linda McCormack (loyalistsocial@gmail.com)

Seniors Outreach Services,  Chair Michelle Foster,

Michelle has been monitoring the major change in  services of this organization as the transition to the Victorian Order of Nurses has been happening. This transition is happening due to the provincial funding changes. More to come, hopefully by the fall.

Membership:  Roxanna Beddington

The efforts of our membership team to assemble and update all of the address information in the community is the basis for our telephone directory / email distribution and we have distributed over 340 directories and have 470 email addresses from the community. We could not do it without a large cadre of volunteers.

Note: We have a small number of unsold telephone directories still available

If you are aware of neighbours who would like to join or now renew their membership in LCCRA, please contact Roxanna at Roxanna Beddington <lccra.directory@gmail.com>

Lafarge Community Outreach, Chair Geoff Bryant,

Geoff continues to work with Lafarge and the township and the Ministry of Environment (Ontario) and the operation of the quarry and equipment to monitor the noise, the explosions and the dust as it impacts our community. Over the past three years Lafarge have taken many steps to lessen the impact, including sound shrouding equipment, changing the processes, addressing how they store and move materials to lessen dust and particulate. You may have observed the monitoring equipment along Country Club Drive . A major focus has been on the impact of the traffic on Hwy 33 through Bath due to the Low Carbon Fuel project at the plant and the number of transports going through town on a daily basis.

Loyalist Township Interface, Chair , Bill Hume

There are many activities happening at the township, with a new Chief Executive Officer and many staffing changes in departments that affect the ongoing development of the Loyalist Country Club community.  Our  association is working to ensure we are heard. The new Loyalist Strategic Plan 2019-2022 is currently being reviewed and is available on the township website. We are working with the township to ensure that we are aware of any new progress on Phase 8 approvals, Aura by the Lake ( across CR7), the new research grant on what to fix on main street in Bath and the commercial block on Loyalist Blvd do not escape community input.

The township and the County have both been approached to change the lighting at the corner of County Rd 7 and County Rd 2 to provide more illumination of the County Road 7 portion. Additionally we have presented to council  the need of a yellow flashing traffic at CR2 & CR7. We have also endorsed the proposal to extend Taylor Kidd Blvd westward to allow a bypass around the village for the truck traffic for Lafarge.

Loyalist CC and Club house and Kaitlin,  Chair, Paul Swinwood,

We have been working with the clubhouse and Kaitlin, through both the LCCRA and Kaitlin organized Focus Group (made up of additional members of our community) to address many of the communities concerns including the wild parsnip and its spread around our community.  Implementing a planned upgrade of the exercise facility in 2020 and other issues of CCC access and concerns around this center point of our community.

Construction:  Paul Swinwood liaison

Work on Phase 9 and 10 is about a month later than scheduled due to the wet early summer weather, but home construction on the cul-de-sac is expected  to start late summer.  Kaitlin development was aware of the need for a massive amount of rock fill for the area now being worked and instead of trucking in 1,000 loads up Country Club Drive (and 1,000 empty trucks going back) , got approval from the township for the blasting last winter and this has meant that most of the fill has come from phase 9, down the hill and not on our streets. Kaitlin is hoping  to take the same community focused approach when Phase 8 gets underway in the next couple of years.

The plans for the condo and commercial block on Loyalist Blvd are still being reviewed both by Loyalist Township and Kaitlin Corporation, no solid dates for construction,  yet. One issue facing Kaitlin in the development of Aura on the Lake across CR7 is the daily noise coming from firing range at the penitentiary. A sound berm is being considered. This will also reduce the sound for those west of CR7 in Loyalist Country Club.

Wild Parsnip:  Iain Maciver liaison

The LCCRA / Kaitlin Development / Township / Loyalist Golf Course  are very aware of the Wild Parsnip issues we are all facing and we are working to better understand what can be done within the constraints of Ministry of Environment  spraying  rules and the cutting of the plants before they seed. The clubhouse has been experimenting within the rules on what can be sprayed and is currently watching some test results. Wild Parsnip is a major problem all over eastern Ontario and the Ministry Of Environment  (Ontario) is actively working to find a cost effective method of control that does not further poison our waterways. You have to remember that the ponds and creeks that drain our golf course enter the lake above our community water filtration plant on the village lake front. Meetings to address this issue are ongoing at many levels (our councilor Carol Parks on July 25th) as there is no one solution that fits all needs. More to come on this file..

Honking Goose  Rick Myers Editor,

The Honking Goose has been a community newsletter for the past 22 years and continues to be a source of community interest stories and upcoming events. Your submissions or comments are always welcome and needed to help keep the LCCRA members informed of what is happening both in the Loyalist Estates and In the village of Bath.

Your submissions should be sent to the Editor at HonkingGoose1997@gmail.com

Rick Myers after 4 years as editor has submitted his resignation and the LCCRA is searching for a new editor / publisher. If you or a team of you were editors at your school paper, you enjoy finding out what’s going on in our community or you love communications, please apply to the past president, Paul Swinwood at paulds@bell.net or 613-352-5658 or directly to Rick Myers.

Advertising & Marketing: Doug Love

We will be starting a campaign in the fall to more fully utilize the value of our website and our community and use the funds raised to benefit us all. More to come..

Napanee Generating Station:  John Warren

With the completion of construction and the majority of construction staff having left, this appears to close the need for monitoring.

Webmaster & Electronic News : John Warren

John is always on the lookout for events and things that the membership might be interested in. He welcomes any suggestions.

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