There is some confusion among Loyalist Country Club residents about who can or cannot use the pool, the compost, the gym or other facilities at the club house and what LCCRA provides.
The Loyalist Golf and Country Club Community is described as a semi private facility and as such, some parts are available only to Country Club Community (LCCC or CCC) members
( i.e. those who pay the $1,200.00 plus per year ).
These persons are invoiced by the club house and get “What’s Happening” emails from the clubhouse.
The Loyalist Golf and Country Club is open to the public in the common areas (Ballroom, Bar, Patio, Golf Shop) and anyone may participate in public activities held in those areas. CCC members get discounts and access as per the chart attached.

Those of us who are only Loyalist Country Club Residents Association (LCCRA) members and pay our $10.00 per year get other benefits but do not have access to the pool, the compost or free meeting rooms or members lounge coffee, specific discounts, etc.
This chart attached has been developed to help everyone understand the differences.

(You may have both LCCRA and CCC Membership

which will give you access to everything on the chart)

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Please keep this information in mind when using the various facilities within Loyalist Country Club Estates.

Facilities benefits are shown by the paid membership group you have paid into.


LCCRA member


CCC member


Resident (*)

CCC special events, Chefs Table etc Y  Y
CCC special events – discounts   Y
Non-CCC clubhouse events Y Y Y
Restaurant food – 10% discount   Y
Golf Y Y Y
Golf 10% discount   Y
Pro Shop merchandise Y Y Y
Pro Shop merchandise – discounts   Y
Pro Shop specials Y Y Y
Golf season passes/packages, preferential golf on Opening/Closing of course dates Y Y Y
Season pass discount, advance tee time bookings   Y
Gym & equipment   Y
Swimming Pool & hot tub   Y
Members Lounge   Y
Meeting rooms   Y
Library, Billiards Room   Y
Locker room & storage discount   Y
Free meeting room rentals   Y
Free faxing & photocopying   Y
Access to Compost disposal   Y
LCCRA website Y Y Y
Free LCCRA for sale & want ads Y
Residents Telephone Directory Y
Honking Goose Newsletter Y
Community Notices Y
Provides financial support to LCCRA groups Y
Supports/donates to Bath groups Y
Representation – Lafarge, MoE Y
Representation – Township Council Y
Representation – Kaitlin Corp Y
Representation – Seniors, VON Y
Representation – Loyalist County Y

(*) In order to receive notices, Residents must have their email registered with Lacy Tulloch in the clubhouse office.

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