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Lafarge Update May 2021

 Truck Traffic:

The additional truck traffic to Quebec stopped in early March, resulting in a decrease in the number of trucks going through the village of Bath

These were the self-unloading trailers (bottom feed). Due to a problem at the Quebec plant, Lafarge Bath were assisting by bringing in their materials, processing and returning.

Gravel Bed Filter (GBF) replacement project update: 

The entire project and plant teams are very disappointed as we have worked extremely hard to finalize the installation of the new kiln cooler baghouse during the 2021 kiln outage.

However, between COVID delays, travel restrictions, and most importantly significant equipment shipping delays, including several containers affected by in the Suez Canal blockage recently, where we have seen ships delayed up to two months making it practically impossible to complete the installation and commissioning in time to finalize the tie-ins during the 2021 kiln outage.

We are continuing to work on the construction in 2021 to a 95% complete so that we can do the final tie-ins work and commissioning during the kiln outage in 2022.

To date we have spent 50% of the CAPEX funds on the project. Money has been spent on the foundations and installation of equipment that we have received.

In the meantime, we will continue with our action plan for the existing gravel bed filter installation including:

-Thorough internal inspection of the GBF and screws during this kiln stop

-Visual running inspections will continue to be completed by the production shift crews

The current Gravel Bed Filter is being replaced by a new filter system at a cost of approx. $17 million and will be a lot more efficient at 99% in capturing dust.

Winter turnaround 2021 kiln stoppage:

During our January 26th CLC meeting we mentioned that our kiln stoppage would occur starting May 1st, 2021. Due to delays in receiving the equipment for the GBF project we have proceeded with the kiln stoppage as of this past weekend (April 10th).

The reason for the stoppage in May was to do two upgrade projects at the same time, Gravel Bed Filter (GBF) and SNRC installation. As they cannot complete the GBF at this time they are to continue with SNCR project.

SNCR update:

Pending no further delays due to COVID or travel restrictions we are proceeding with the final SNCR installation and start-up during the 2021 kiln outage. The SNCR project is the ammonia injection into the kiln for NOx reduction initiative.

This project is the installation of injectors into the kiln, (the large revolving tube) of ammonia that will reduce NOx into the atmosphere.

Geoff Bryant

CLC member

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