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Airborne Contaminates Follow-Up

Latest communication from Lafarge, (30 Oct 2019)

“We wanted to give a quick update as we have been receiving lots of questions relating to health concerns. Lafarge does not believe that there will be any lasting health effects from the cement clinker dust emitted from the facility last week and we are in the process of confirming that.”

The Ministry has investigated the incident and we (the LCCRA) are waiting to get a copy of their findings.
Once we receive the analysis we will advise you of the results and the recommended resolution going forward.

If you wish to contact Lafarge or the ministry directly you can find the contact information below.

I invite you to use the website comment field at the bottom of this page.


SMELL.  If you smell unusual odour and believe coming from Lafarge;

Note: Exact time, date, location (where you are) description of odour and notify the Ministry Of the Environment (MOE) contact Craig Dobiech, Senior Environment Officer, Tel 613-540-6895 or plus e-mail this information to the webmaster, where we can compile the info.

NOISE. If you have a complaint on noise (not blasting) please forward similar information to webmaster and you can also notify the MOE. Contact Craig Dobiech, Senior Environment Officer, Tel 613-540-6895 or

DUST. If you are concerned about dust (believed from Lafarge) contact Craig Dobiech (details as above), report and ask for sample to be taken and tested. Plus notify webmaster,

BLASTING. For complaints on blasting contact Darren Boneburg, Ministry of Natural Resources (MNRF) at 613-531-5735 or e-mail Note: there is little he can do as Lafarge have grandfather rights.

Health related concerns should be directed to the Health Unit, through Ryan Decker.  He can be reached at (613)549-1232, or by email at

Alternatively you can contact Lafarge direct: Brenda MacPhee, Environment & System Manager at 613-352-7711 ext 185 or


If you want to be notified on the day of the blasting, please; Send your first name, last name and phone number to

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  • Bonnie Bedford

    We have lived in Bath for almost 10 years. For the last 6 years or so, I have been concerned about the dust in Bath and was hoping it would settle down once the Hydro Gas Plant was complete. However, when walking, I feel that my lungs are a little congested. I do not have this issue in Huntsville, Westport or even in Prince Edward County.

    B. Bedford

  • Helen & John Nayler

    We bought in the Loyalist Community 2 yrs ago and were not made aware of these possible health issues coming from Lafarge. If this clinker dust is on our cars, it’s pretty obvious that it’s in our homes through heating/air conditioning systems. Even more obvious is that we are breathing the dust in and how is that going to affect our lungs, especially when a high percentage of us are either seniors or kids. We certainly are concerned and don’t want our beautiful communities here in Bath affected by this contaminate. This needs to be resolved now.

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