Public Presentations by Kaitlin

16th May 2017 and 26th June 2017

On the afternoon of May 26th, Mr. Enzo Bertucci, Director, Land Development for Kaitlin and some representatives from their consulting group partners hosted an open house to present future plans for the community. This was followed up by a second meeting on the 26th June 2017 at which time a focus group was established.

Approximately 90 people from the community attended and gave their feedback to Mr Bertucci.

Kaitlin presented their priorities for the community.

  • Firstly, they indicated that the present plan for Phase 8 was being revised with a stated goal of increasing the population density. The present plan, which has been submitted to the Township, calls for approximately 90 single homes on 50 to 55 feet wide lots. Kaitlin will be revising this to provide for 158 homes.

Kaitlin plan to achieve this higher density by constructing a mix of two story semi-detached homes, bungalows and town houses all with significantly reduced footprints. They will be building on approx 35 feet wide lots (for the two story semi-detached) and approx 45 feet wide lots (for the bungalows). The revised high density plan needs to be approved by the Township before they can proceed.



  • The second priority is to complete the approved Phase 9 which would see a Cul-de-Sac extend perpendicular to Country Club Drive towards the swimming pool and parallel to the tenth green.

  • Thirdly, a concept video graphic was shown of a proposed plan for two, 3 story condo buildings surrounded by seven blocks of townhouse condos. The three story blocks would contain approximately 70 condo units each unit being between 650 and 850 Sq Ft.

The video graphic also showed a 9000 Sq foot commercial area. This complex would be located on the south corner of Loyalist Boulevard and Country Road 7.

This seems to replace the “Low rise retirement residence with assisted living facilities and 10,000 sq ft retail development”, which is shown on all of the Kaitlin sales material.

  • Finally, the townhouses on Country Club and Britannia were addressed. There are three blocks of townhouses 19, 20 and 21 containing 14 homes. These are planned to be completed by December 2017.

A Focus Group chaired by Mr. Enzo Bertucci has been formed to study feedback given as a result of the public meeting. The members are:-

Representing Residents. Geoff Bryant. Len Dzierniejke. Dawn Ford. Bill Hume. Elaine Jackson. Paul Jepson. Debbie Kotelniski. Paul Swinwood.

Clubhouse. Jim Burlington. Geoff James. John Rahey.

Kaitlin. Enzo Bertucci

Representing Country Club Communities. Cliff Shewfelt, Dana Betournay

Kaitlin has proposed that the Focus Group meet once a month to discuss the issues and plans.

The LCCRA will keep all of its members informed of any progress. We will avoid speculating and reporting on rumours. If you have comments please use the website to do so and your comments will be posted as appropriate.

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  • Don Gardner

    Regarding the proposed low rise condo buildings, I would like to see some larger square footages than 850 sq feet. Perhaps up to 1100 sq feet. I base my opinion as someone who has lived in high rise condos for 25 years. 750 sq ft may be ok for 1 person but not for 2 people, too small.

    Increasing the density will also increase the cars. My fear is the whole area will look like a parking lot.
    Also increased traffic within our whole complex.


  • Judith Rix

    Almost doubling the density of Phase 8 will put tremendous pressure on traffic flows into this area and on the southern portion of Country Club Dr.

    As well would it not make sense to put the wider, bungalow lots backing onto Country Club Dr where you have higher value properties?

    At the community meeting I discussed with Enzo the question of who the target market was for sale and resale of homes in CCC and that homes without main floor master suites seemed more difficult to sell and resell. Two storey homes on 35 foot lots would not likely have main floor masters and would be less likely to appeal to empty nesters, and backing directly on the golf course would be less attractive to families with young children, so who would be the likely target purchasers?

  • Judith Rix

    Just an addition to my earlier comment on density…..currently, there are approximately 250 homes, excluding town homes, in the community (north of the bridge on Country Club Dr)…..Phase 8 would be 185 houses/town homes encompassing a small percentage of the development’s overall acreage. This seems a very high density for a rural community.

  • Joe &Dorothy Ryan

    This proposed high density will destroy this community. If anyone has seen their development in Newcastle can atest to how it has damaged the area an spoiled the quality of life for their residents.

  • Rudy

    My wife and I are interested in larger size condos, 1200 to 1600 SF, similar to the ones in Newcastle. The proposed ones are way too small for 2 people. Will there be any consideration given to this? And when are you expecting to begin construction?

  • Jim Bedford

    This all looks nice on paper. However did anyone think about or plan traffic flow. You will need another street entrance FIRST, not last. Abbey Dawn Drive is the Daytona 500 at times now due to internal core congestion and the two entrances only are pathetic. I know, I live on the street. If this is not accomplished initially and with high density which we do not want, you might as well consider living adjacent to the DVP.

  • Doug Love

    Phase 8 still has a focus on two Storey homes, when in fact we know that these models are the hardest to sell. (Ask any realator )
    This design is for younger families that are looking for affordable housing. These people will find more house for less money in Amherstview.
    These young families will also have mortgages, car payments and child expenses that we experienced many years ago.
    During my tenure as a father and new home owner, the furthest thing in my then budget was a golf club membership.
    This younger demographic will not support our country club we will experience a change in the overall lifestyle that we came here for.
    As a father I understand that we all have to go through the life growing experiences, but I also think that this age group is not the market that we should target.
    We have had friends come here to see about moving here, but with no inventory and too long await for something to be built, they moved on.
    I truly believe that the right inventory based on the correct floor plans will make Kaitlin the profits they deserve and at the same time to continue offering the same life style that we were promised and moved here for.

  • Doug Love

    Traffic flow.
    The addition of phase 8 with its super high density,it will turn the lower end of Country Club Drive into a high volume nightmare for the residents that live on that strip.
    I’m sure that counsel will monitor this mistake very closely.
    Let’s not create an urban getto in Loyalist.

  • Sally McCulloch

    The higher density in all the new plans is very discouraging. The design when we moved here in ’97 was simple, attractive, and the rules were no sheds, no trucks or boats, no fences etc. It was also advertised as a Senior’s community. Since then more and more houses, town houses etc have increased the community, and now the plan to have smaller lots too, plus more and more buildings will make it more congested. I fail to see how this will improve this community. Sounds like a money grab.

  • Heather Fear

    Phase 9 is simply a cash grab. It’s cutting into the Golf Course and upping the density, affecting the aesthetic of the entire community. I do not advocate for this development, and peolple are quite right regarding the small condo sizes of Phase 8. They are suitable for MAYBE one person, not a couple and the semis will not attract those who value the nature of our community. There will be parking issues unless land is set aside for multi-vehicle families. One need only look at Cataraqui Woods in Kingston as an example – It has become and looks like a used car lot!!!

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