Identity Fraud or Identity Theft.

When your personal information or identity is stolen, you become a victim of identity theft or identity fraud. Often, criminals will try to use your personal information to access your financial accounts and steal your money.

How does it happen?

You may unknowingly provide your personal information to a fraudster over the phone, via an email or on a fake website that is made to look like a real business.

Your computer may also be infected with a virus program, called malware, that tracks every time you press a key on your computer keyboard, then stores that information and sends it to fraudsters.

Fraudsters may also take or copy personal identification like your birth certificate or Social Insurance Number (SIN) card in an attempt to steal your identity.

How to prevent it

What to do if you become a victim

To learn more about how identity fraud happens, how to protect yourself and what to do if you become a victim, read the tip sheet “Protecting yourself from identity fraud.”

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