Focus on Fitness

Focus on Fitness offers a new safe exercise for all ages. These are all Non-impact exercises, specifically tailored to the physical limitations of seniors. We follow the guidelines as set out by the Canadian Council on Aging and Fitness. All exercises can work around physical limitations, with personalized health history and program modifications to suit your needs. Extra attention is given to muscle toning, ‘joint’ health and maintenance (shoulders, knees etc) and core muscle strengthening – great for back injury recovery and/or prevention. (Works wonders for your golf game!)

Focus on Fitness has been developed by Sue Fraser who has been involved in sports, fitness, health, martial arts and women’s self defence for over 25 years. Sue is a Certified Instructor with a firm background in First Aid, CPR and bio-mechanics of movement. Sue has been involved in martial arts, fitness and self defence classes for over 25 years and has developed a program that is pro-active for aging-related health conditions. Her own personal concern for aging while maintaining good health has motivated her to share her knowledge with others who have encountered the ‘wonderful issues’ of aging. Physical challenges will be noted and addressed. This program is geared to help you get moving safely and improve the physical and health quality of your life.

Tuesday and Thursday mornings
9:00 am to 10:00 am
In St John Hall on Church Street

There is a small fee to cover the rental of the hall insurance etc.

$50.00 a month with a discount for couples or groups. That works out at just over $3.00 an hour.

See [activity calendar] for exact time and date

LCCRA Members receive two free introductory classes. or Email to
Phone: Sue Fraser at 613-540-1796 or 613-352-5947