Meeting held on Wednesday October 23, 2019 hosted by Kaitlin Corporation


  • Property Encroachment onto Golf Course Lands – Management continues to ensure all property boundary lines are completed accurately and if some markers have been removed they will be replaced. The directive to do this has come from Kaitlin Senior management in Toronto, who view this as a black and white issue of determining their property line. If their property line is not respected so that they can maintain it, a letter to or a meeting with the homeowner will follow.
  • Proposed Walkway from Phase 9 Cul-De-Sac to Clubhouse – The path from the subdivision (between fairways of hole 10 and 18) to the Clubhouse is expected to be paved and a gate will be installed at both ends of the path with signs advising “use at own risk”. The path will not be maintained during the winter as it is part of unmaintained golf course property.
  • Phases 8, 9, 10, Commercial Block and townhouse Updates
  • Phase 8 (between 14 & 15 fairways) is now expected to go forward once new staff at Loyalist Township Planning & Engineering review plans including the use of sanitary pumps in basements. This will allow homes to be one meter lower than previously anticipated.
  • Phase 9 paving is due before the winter sets in.
  • Phase 10 (continuation of Country Club Dr.) is currently not in any engineering approval process until Phase 9 moves further with sales.
  • The Condo and commercial blocks are moving forward for engineering comments. Environmental issue of bird nesting area being addressed.
  • No word on the last two phases of the townhouses on Britannia.
  • Current and New Gym – Due to loss of a key architectural staff member in Toronto, the engineering plans for the gym have been delayed. Expect drawings in 4-6 weeks, with full drawings in early 2020. Construction still expected in Fall 2020. No new gym equipment at this time. New gym equipment will be purchased/leased when new gym completed.
  • Focus Group Beyond 2019 – Enzo and Kaitlin management are committed to continuation of the “Kaitlin Focus Group” for the foreseeable future with three meetings per year – early May, late July and late October. Clarified that this was a Focus Group of Kaitlin with a mandate to represent and present the issues identified by residents and report back to residents. Three members will be replaced per year to have consistency of knowledge/action on issues with members representing the various physical areas of the community.
  • Other Items
  • Speeding on Country Club Drive (1-130 side ) is an issue. While there is not enough space for a centre island as on Abbey Dawn Dr., there are other alternatives (i.e. bollard type of crosswalk), which Enzo could bring to the Township’s attention. Further followup with Township required.
  • Signage for Country Club Drive. 1-130 and 460 to 500. The Township had looked, no action. LCCRA (Bill Hume & Geoff Bryant) to follow up.

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