Hello Residents,
On October 19, 2017 the Focus Group had their third meeting with Enzo
Bertucci and staff from Loyalist. Following is a summary of the agenda
items discussed at that time.

1. Update from Kaitlin Corp meeting with Loyalist Township on
September 22nd.
(a) At this meeting, the medium density block at the corner of Church and
Loyalist Blvd was discussed and the Township brought forward a concern
about the two low rise condo buildings and the perimeter town
bungalows.  If these buildings were to end up with different owners (ie.
condo associations), then the services could not cross each other. Ideally
there would be one owner for the condo corporation and the same one for
the towns. Kaitlin will study this situation further and update at the next
(b) Windemere Estates – Phase 2 has been applied for and Phases 3 and 4
will be next.

Survey Results.

At this time, the Focus Group presented the results of its recent survey
regarding interest in an independent/assisted living residence in our
community. The responses were very positive.
The results were as follows:
Yes – 147, No – 30.
8 interested in next 2 years. 5.37%
18 within next 3-5 years. 12.08%
59 within next 6-10 years. 39.60%
64 longer. 42.95%

2. Phase 9 Fill
To alleviate the problem of increased truck traffic on Country Club Drive
while bringing in fill to the Phase 9 Cul De Sac, Kaitlin decided to move fill
from the existing ground in Phase 10. There was some confusion with the
permits and fill is currently on hold until proper permits can be acquired.
Kaitlin was under the impression that the LCCRA had made a complaint
that caused this stoppage. It was made clear by the LCCRA members
present at the meeting, that they had in no way interfered to cause a
stoppage and in fact were pleased to see the work moving ahead. Kaitlin
was satisfied with the clarification.

3. Roof Update
The work on the roof was stalled as a result of the contractor having to
complete another project. Work resumed on Monday of this week.

4. Basement Progress
Once the roof has been replaced, further investigation of the leaks and
mould can be completed. Some members of the Loyalist community had
brought the mould issue to the attention of the health department and after
a visit in early October, Kaitlin closed the rooms to usage and has started
remediation of the issue. There is no time frame for completion and the
club house is working with many of the users, like Healthy Hearts, to
ensure their programs can continue. The gym and boardroom will remain

5. Upcoming Public Meetings
Wednesday, November 15th Open House for Windemere Phase 2 at the
Firehall (for information only)
Wednesday, November 22nd Open House for Loyalist Phase 8 at the
Firehall (for information only)
Monday, November 27th Statutory public meeting at Township Offices for
Windemere Phase 2
Monday, December 11th Statutory public meeting at Township Offices for
Loyalist Phase 8

6. Other Business
Having two different locations for Country Club Drive is causing confusion
for those unfamiliar with the community. Additional signage is to be
reviewed. Contractors are to be reminded to slow down for safety and in
order to reduce dust.
NEXT MEETING: December 11, 2017

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