The Focus Group met on Thursday, November 5th 2020 with the new chair, Devon Daniell. Devon is the owner’s son and he indicated to us that he had spoken with the former chair (Enzo Bertuzzi) and had received positive feedback regarding the value of these meetings. He intends on continuing to travel to Bath to meet with us. The following items were discussed.

Construction update:

Townhouses: Blocks 19, 20 & 21 are well underway with 9 out of 16 sold.

Greenhaven: 14 of 32 lots are sold, completion time varies, spring, summer and fall. Kaitlin to build 7 spec homes for completion spring/summer. The northern continuation of Country Club Drive, with 9 lots, will start when the majority of the Greenhaven Court homes are sold.

Commercial Block: Work continues on the development/planning of the commercial block

P-Loop/Phase 8/Development behind 14th & 15th Hole: Starting next year with 55 houses.

Devon told the group that there would be a significant announcement coming soon regarding the property on other side of Church Street. He indicated that there will be things happening in the spring with the possibility of Senior Homes/Assisted Care. He indicated that Kaitlin may need support from the community.

Country Club Clubhouse Update:

There are three events planned in November and another three in December. All are limited to 40 due to Covid-19. Management indicated that they would meet in Mid-December to plan what/if any events will be held in January, February and March. Consideration must be given to the fact that there are a number of residents who are still not comfortable coming to the clubhouse for events. The Focus Group wants management to also take into account that there will be many more residents here this year that are not going south and will be looking for something to do.

Focus Group Policies:

Devon stated that he would like to hold two Focus Group meetings per year, spring and fall and would like the current members to remain on the group so he can get to know us better. Management agreed that Focus Group members should also be CCC members. This policy will be reviewed if need be.

Other business:

Encroachment onto golf course property. Management indicated that 75 letters have been sent out and most residents were positive and respectful. Country Club Drive is done and they are currently preparing to do Abbey Dawn. This is an on-going process and all residents will be treated the same.

Sheds: There was a lengthy discussion about sheds. As there are a number of different covenants within the Loyalist community, it is best for each homeowner to clarify their individual concerns with Kaitlin as they are responsible for these covenants, not the township.

New Path: The path between Greenhaven and the clubhouse will not be maintained through the winter and a gate/barrier will be installed.

Golf Cart Path: Management again reiterated that the golf cart path is not to be used in the off-season for walking on and anyone caught is trespassing.

Additional Information for CCC Members

Following is information discussed at the Focus Group meeting that pertains to CCC members.

Gym Update:

Discussion took place about replacing the out-dated gym equipment. Management advised that they had replaced one treadmill and that they have ordered a new high-tech machine but that it was on backorder and he did not know when it would be arrive. Devon took note of this discussion but did not offer anything affirmative.

Devon said the new gym was delayed due to Covid -19. He said that things were on pause awaiting the possibility that there will be new specifications on HVAC and other health related items regarding COVID. Devon also said they would work as quickly as possible, although a few years were mentioned. The Focus Group made it clear to Devon that the community has been unhappy with the lack of up-to-date equipment and facilities for a long time and that the new gym was a very high priority to many people.

CCC Dues:

Management is currently reviewing and will provide information when available.

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