LCCRA / Loyalist Focus Group June 2019

A meeting of the Loyalist Community Focus group and the Kaitlin and Golf Course management teams took place June 10, 2019 and a wide ranging agenda covered many items of interest to the community. A short summary follows.

Encroachment onto golf course lands – The problem of home owner encroachment onto golf course lands along many fairways was raised by Kaitlin. Concerns regarding safety, environmental protection and the issue of squatters rights were discussed. In the near future, Kaitlin Corporation will be sending a letter to all residents clarifying the issues for the whole community.

Wild Parsnip – Wild Parsnip is of concern to everyone. Kaitlin, the Golf Course management and the property owners are all looking at ways to minimize the impact. The Ontario Department of the  Environment is working with researchers on new and improved herbicides, but these come at a major cost. The mowing of the weed creates additional opportunity for burns (to golfers and others) when the rough is cut to the 6 inch levels and the timing of cutting to prevent reseeding was also discussed. There is no current affordable herbicide that can be applied to all 50 acres of the golf course and the rough areas defining the edges of the golf course must be left long as part of this definition, plus environmental agreement issues. More work needs to be done by all concerned and follow ups are being done.

Gym – The  relocation/replacement of the exercise equipment has been committed to by Kaitlin and the redesign and relocation to the “back shop” is underway. It is expected that the new facility will be ready by the summer of 2020.

Construction – Phase 9 is about 6 weeks behind schedule due to the weather. The trucking of the stone from the phase 10 future expansion area to the cul de sac area has saved about 750 (x2) truck loads from traversing Country Club Drive. Much more work to happen before midsummer building to start.

Phase 8 is still in design review stage and much work to be done prior to any construction.

The commercial block on Loyalist Blvd has been submitted for Township approval, no feedback to date.

Aura (across Church Street) – There are 4 phases to that project and phase 1&2 have been submitted for approval. There are multiple land use options being considered for the north end of the site near the gun range. Nothing has been finalized nor any time frame identified when the streets will be completed to reach Church Street.

Pool & Spa – there have been issues with the spa heater; parts are coming from the USA.

New Access Cards – New access Cards for CCC members are now available. They will operate the door by the locker rooms, the door at the rear stairs and  shortly to work on the new pool gates (as soon as a safety release bar is installed). These areas are for the CCC members and guests as outlined in the spring 2019 Members’ Handbook.

Compost Pile – There has been a major issue with improper dumping in the Compost pile by the parking lot. Electronics, rubber material, garbage and large tree chunks have caused the compost to be compromised. Please remember that the compost is a CCC members benefit and that only appropriate compostable materials (grass, twigs, leaves etc.) are to be dumped. A new compost area is planned for fall/winter implementation and will have video surveillance.

Boardroom – There has been a water leak from a broken pipe in the kitchen and the room, many of us know as the board room, is currently undergoing remediation. If you had any planned events there, please contact Nikita.

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