The Focus Group met on Friday 9th February, 2018 and discussed the following items.

  • Phase 8 (P loop by hole14)
    The new plan is no longer considered medium density and has been reduced to 132
    lots. The lots in the centre of the loop are now 36 foot lots. Buyers can choose either a
    2 storey house or bungalow. The plan has been submitted, but no longer needs an
    official plan amendment. It will likely be going to council at end of March. We will be
    notified. Kaitlin is probably a couple of years away from being in a position to offer
    houses for sale. This phase will be developed after Phases 9 and 10.
  • Phase 9
    In this development of the cul de sac towards the clubhouse, work is currently going
    on. Township approvals should be given late spring/summer of 2018 with services
    going in in the fall.
  • Phase 10
    In this continuation of Country Club Drive, Kaitlin is still waiting for the permit from
    the Township to move soil, so it will be later than Phase 9.
    Commercial Block (corner Church Street and Loyalist Boulevard)
    There will be one Condo Corporation for the two condominium buildings and phased
    in condo registry. This project remains on the drawing board. A commercial block is
    still proposed as part of this development.
  • Basement
    Repairs are to take place next month. Three new sump pumps will be installed. A
    contractor will do this at end of March beginning of April and the work will take about
    a week. This work will include concrete breakup and installation of floor drainage.
    There is some preparation to do before they start. The Ladies locker room will have to
    be closed for a short period to accommodate repairs.
  • Gym
    Kaitlin is still reviewing areas for the gym.
  • Signage
    The signage advertising house prices is to be updated soon.
    Directional signage for Country Club Drive, (re two areas causing confusion), will be
    reviewed. Loyalist Township will be consulted.
  • Next meeting Monday 26th March 2018

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  • Pat Chown

    Dear Focus Group,
    Thank you so much for the update. Rumors tend to run rampant so it is extremely helpful for the community to hear information first hand. Thank you for working so hard on behalf of all of us.

  • Lloyd Fleming

    Thanks for the update. Good to see the reduction in Phase 8 although it appears the number to be built will still generate considerable traffic onto Country Club. With no change to the official plan required it may be difficult to achieve an additional reduction in homes to be built.

  • Doug Love

    Thanks for the update.
    It would appear that all our hard work has shown some results.
    It would be nice if the number of homes to be built was closer to 90 but at least the democrafic is now matching the rest of the community.
    This will hopefully change the traffic patterns and congestion.
    Younger families would be busier with work schedules and commitments to family issues, and these homes will appeal to a more mature buyer.
    We know that two story homes don’t sell well in our area, so my gut feel is that bungalows will prevail.
    I sincerely hope that Kaitlin will not let us down going forward.

  • Norma Ferguson

    It appears you covered a lot of territory on Friday! We appreciate the updates. Action taken in regard to the clubhouse seems positive…thanks for your efforts on our behalf.

  • Jim Bedford

    Refer to my comments of July 18th,Phase 8 will be a traffic jam as indicated with only one entrance in and out even at the reduced number of 132. It will be be a proliferation of humanity at an exit. Not only will the community atmosphere be destroyed but the traffic numbers on one street [Abbey Dawn ] will be worse than they are now. This concept is based only on number dollars and is humanity influx driven.

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