LCCRA / Loyalist Focus Group 2017-2018

1st Anniversary Report. July 2018

What have we been doing ?

It has been one year since the Loyalist Focus group consisting of Geoff Bryant, Len Dzierniejko, Dawn Ford, Cliff Shewfelt, Debbie Kotelniski, Paul Jepson, Bill Hume, Elaine Jackson and Paul Swinwood started to meet with Kaitlin’s management team.  Kaitlin management team included: head office – Enzo Bertucci; and Loyalist local management – Jim Burlington and John Rahey; and local housing sales representative – Linda McCormack.

At the beginning, our team, with feedback from the community developed an action plan on the important issues facing the Loyalist Estates Community and the Country (CCC) Club  Community members (the LCCRA membership is made up of both groups) and our focus was developed from there.

That evolving action plan identified the following priority issues to be addressed.

1) A new roof for the club house to address long standing leakage issues

2) Addressing the mold in the exercise room in the basement

3) Addressing the horrible smell in the ladies locker room

4) Gym facility and equipment

5) Mens locker room, checking for mold and smells

6) Meeting spaces to accommodate the community at events

7) Pool access and pool washroom access

8) Off hours and winter access to the club house

9) Phase 8, 9 and 10  new development plans

10) Communications from Loyalist management to CCC members and the community.

As the year went by, additional efforts such as the community survey regarding a proposed condo / commercial/ townhouse facility at the corner County road 7 and Loyalist Boulevard was circulated to provide feedback to Kaitlin Corporation, etc.  Addressing the improving of communications between the community and the Clubhouse operations was a constant theme.


After our initial meeting, management visits to the basement, input from many community members, the roof financing was finally committed to and completed in the fall 2017.

The next major efforts involved many of our action items in the basement. After closing some of the basement in the fall  to check on the issues, the basement was fully closed in late winter to address the water intrusion and mold issues and was not reopened until early June 2018. During that time the drywall, the studs and some flooring were removed, trenches were dug in the concrete floor and drain tiles were installed to three new sump pumps that are now enclosed in closets in three rooms. The delay in opening until after  the spring thaw was over was to ensure that the solution had finally solved the problem with water intrusion and that the mold creating problems were stopped.

This addressed the original priority  issues with healthy use of the club house which has been an issue for a long time Thank you to everyone who contributed to identifying and contributing to its resolution.

in 2017,  possible solutions were made regarding the location of the gym, requests and ideas were discussed and plans / costing are being developed. A meeting of involved residents will be held in 2018 when plans have been developed to a point when decisions need to be made impacting  CCC  users.

As well, Kaitlin had shared with the community (meetings in May and June 2017) its vision for  Phases 8, 9, and 10 expansions. Many members of the community  voiced their concerns and displeasure with Phase 8 ( the next development behind holes 14 and 15)  increased density. These affected and concerned residents made presentations directly to Loyalist Township  at multiple public meetings and this led to a scaling back of the number of planned housing units and types of housing units. The final plans for Phase 8 were presented and approved at a Township meeting on June 25th. 2018

It was suggested to Kaitlin that updated signage including the new pricing would be appropriate and subsequently new signs were created for the County Road 7 location and Highway 33,. Signage is still to be done on Country Club Drive north of Abbey Dawn. Also new sandwich boards were done at the entrance to the clubhouse on Loyalist Blvd.

Most of the other issues were discussed,  potential solutions presented by both sides  and these are still part of the ongoing costing, resources, time and priorities work being done.

Where do we go from here?

 There are still many issues to be worked on and your Focus Group appreciates your feedback. At this time the 2018 – 2019 priorities for the Group are:

  1. Clubhouse / Community communications
  2. a) Loyalist Country Club web site content updates (calendar specifically).

b)”What’s happening” to be a more regular and timely production.

  1. c) Annual meeting with the Clubhouse / Kaitlin management on what’s happened, what’s going to happen, etc.
  2. d) Improving Clubhouse/ golf course communication on issues impacting the membership
  3. e)  Clubhouse  members lounge access
  4. Gym facility (location and equipment)
  5. a) after hours access a priority.
  6. b) new equipment a must.
  7. Swimming Pool card access for CCC members and equipment upgrades
  8. CCC membership value statement, what do we receive for our membership and what are our responsibilities
  9. Winter 2018 / 2019 Clubhouse access and services for members
  10. a) Pub nights
  11. b) New Year’s party
  12. c) Chef’s tables
  13. d) other
  14. Phase 9, 10 start dates and Phase 8 construction plans.
  15. a) mitigation plans for construction traffic?
  16. Condo/ Commercial / townhouse plans for presentation to members.
  17. Club House future development plans to handle growth
  18. Aura development across County Road #7 and CCC membership impact?
  19. Other communications issues as they arise.

It is hoped that we can make progress on all these items as we move forward and your input to any of the Focus Group members is appreciated.

Your input is valued, please give your feedback by sending a comment below.

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  • Janice Firth

    Thanks to the Focus Group for all you have accomplished this year – well done! Communication from the Clubhouse is essential for the residents to understand what is going on within the organization. They could take a lesson from the LCCRA webmaster who does a super job in keeping the residents informed. I hope the clubhouse appreciates that he also does some of their communications for them by sending out info about events going on.

  • Doug Casselman

    Has there been any discussion on how to address the issue of golfers taking care of their “washroom needs” while on the 18th tee box? (both male and female) It is becoming an all too familiar occurrence and while I understand the urgency of the “call of nature” (we have all been there), it is sometimes difficult to explain to my grandchildren what is taking place.

  • Roxanna Beddington

    Thank you to the Focus group for all their hard work in getting many of our concerns taken care of. Great job. It takes a dedicated group to accomplish so much in the last year.

  • Erika Dilworth

    Thank you to all who during the past year contributed in one way or another to solving the many problems in the Club house. We appreciate the outcome.
    I am concerned about people who use the pool without any member sponsoring them. For this reason I am for the necessity of using our membership card.
    We have a Members Lounge – do we? Only if no other group is using it! Can a solution be found to make everyone happy?

  • paul Swinwood

    Thanks everyone for your comments, we are watching and looking for feedback and except for Cliff Shewfelt who has had to step away, any remaining member of the group is open to receiving comments and suggestions. Each suggest is will be reviewed and if appropriate shared with Kaitlin management. Things they are a changing, slowly but progress is being made. Thanks to all of you I believe we have managements attention in Toronto.

  • Frances Arbour

    Thank you to the LCCRA group for addressing many residents concerns and continue to do so. I feel positive moving forward that our collective voices matters and communication is key. Well done.

  • Frances Arbour

    I have noticed 3 signage issues where Kaitlin has not changed their market pricing which could cause confusion and is false advertising.
    The sign on country club(north) at the circle still has from 200,000.
    On the back of a new home being built on country club backing on to the 17th hole sign indicates from 200,000
    Whenever there is a tournament the club house is using old signage to identify the names of the participants on the golf carts.What faces the driver has the old pricing. Possible cover it up by reversing another sign if they are trying to use up the old cards or replace with new signage.

    On another note i am sure the committee has heard through the grapevine that the clubhouse is now serving breakfast on Sunday mornings.When was the clubhouse planning on telling the residents/golfers? have not seen any signage/communication indicating the above. Word of mouth??? That is a recipe for failure. My suggestion is to have consistent hours on a yearly basis and once the clubhouse has determined what is viable communicate at the beginning of the season.

    Why does the clubhouse have a refreshment cart and not use it on a regular basis, ie: Friday and weekends? You cant build a business or service your customers by not being consistent. It was especially needed during those hot weeks in July,and golfers(not members) could be overheard discussing this on the course at the T box. Not good for business.

    On a positive note, the Mr and Mrs Golf Tournament Dinner was exceptional!!

  • Linda Flemming

    Has the committee ever thought of creating a couple of outdoor shuffle boards for the residents? It could be an entertaining activity during the warmer months whether it be competitive or just a relaxing game.

  • Linda Hartley

    Does anyone have a contact to report a concern with median weed control on Abbey Dawn Drive. Specifically the median near 107 Abbey Dawn Drive. Its been overrun with weeds all summer and one of the traffic control signs is falling down. We are unsure who has this responsibility any more and would appreciate a reference.

    Gerard and Linda Hartley

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