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Duplicate Bridge

Duplicate Bridge is the most widely used variation of contract bridge in club and tournament play.

It is called duplicate because the same bridge deal (i.e. the specific arrangement of the 52 cards into the four hands) is played at each table and scoring is based on relative performance. In this way, every hand, whether strong or weak, is played in competition with others playing the identical cards, and the element of skill is heightened while that of chance is reduced. Duplicate Bridge stands in contrast to Rubber Bridge where each hand is freshly dealt and where scores may be more affected by chance in the short run.

Bridge boards, simple four-way card holders, are used to enable each player’s hand to be passed intact to the next table that must play the deal, and final scores are calculated by comparing each pair’s result with others who played the same hand.

In Duplicate Bridge, a player normally plays with the same partner throughout an event. The two are known as a “pair”.

Come and join us at the clubhouse. Players should plan to come with a partner and arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to allow for set up.  If you do not know a second person who would be interested in being your partner but you would still like to play, please call the contact below or use the sign-up sheet.

See activity calendar for exact time and dates.

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For more information on the bridge rules click here. Bridge Rules All Lessons v3

Bonnie Fredenburgh at (613) 352-3307.
Non-members of CCC are also welcome, if space allows, and should be invited and accompanied by a member.