With the growing popularity of owning backyard hens and the inquiries the Township receives, the Township is investigating an array of options to regulate backyard hens, which includes,

  • Remain Status Quo. Respond to backyard hen/other bird complaints through the Safe Yards and Noise By-law.
  • Establish a Pilot Program to allow residents to own backyard hens for 2 years through a licensing program.
  • Prohibit the ownership of backyard hens through a by-law.

With this background information in mind, we invite you to complete a short survey (Available July 15). It should take no more than five minutes of your time. Your input is essential in assisting with developing a By-law to regulate backyards hens in the Township. For more information about the survey or the engagement sessions please call 613-386-7351, ext. 120/121, or email info@loyalist.ca.

The survey will be available from July 15 to August 30, 2019.

Paper copies of the survey are also available by contacting the Clerks Department at 613-386-7351 ext 120/121 or info@loyalist.ca.

Engagement Sessions 

We also encourage residents to attend any of the in-person engagement sessions scheduled as follows:

  • July 31, 2019 from 6-7:30 pm at the Administration Office in Odessa, 263 Main St. Odessa
  • August 7, 2019 from 6-7:30 pm at the Amherstview Fire Station, 363 Amherst Dr. Amherstview
  • August 8, 2019 from 6-7:30 pm at the Bath Fire Station, 241 Church St. Bath

For more information about the survey or the engagement sessions please call 613-386-7351, ext. 120/121, or email info@loyalist.ca.

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  • Bill Hume

    I do not have a problem with chickens fenced in someone else’s yard. However, free range goats might prove more useful, to keep the wild parsnip at bay. Just a thought.
    We will respond to the survey.

  • Rick Fortier

    This is fine for rural areas and farms, but not in residential areas and our yards are not even fenced…some may raise chickens for eggs, then for meat and add a rooster to wake us up early in the morning!?!?

    Not in our backyards…ridiculous…

  • Erika Dilworth

    I fully agree with Rick Fortier! I back onto the golf course and couldn’t imagine having chickens/roosters on my neighbours property. Although I am grateful for any farmer offering fresh eggs!

  • Noemi Chuaqui

    I have lived the experience of neighbors having chickens and hens in their backyard, as a matter of fact they had a chicken coop. The negatives were; smell, increased amount of flies and other insects, noise. Our community doesn’t allow to built fences dividing lots (town houses) so we will have hens in our gardens and decks. It is a good idea for a farming community, not a golf one. If anybody wants to have hens for fresh eggs rent a piece of farm Iand near by. What happens in Winter with the hens a garage sale?

    • Mac

      This a fantastic idea, but why stop there. The idea should be extended to include cows and other animals, perhaps even a horse for transport needs.
      Each backyard would need to be fenced, which is not a bad idea anyway to separate the goats on the golf course from the cows, horses and chickens in the back yard.
      Combined with a grow your own vegetable campaign, this would conform to the present government’s policies to reduce car usage by ordinary Canadians to leave the roads free for more affluent elite citizens.
      There may be a possibility of a government grant to facilitate the construction of fences, purchases of livestock etc.
      Certainly an idea worth considering.

  • Art Keir

    We do not have fences in Loyalist Estates so how would you ever contain roaming chickens.You would have a battle on the golf course between the Canada geese and the chickens.Chickens belong on a farm not in a residential area.

  • Trish

    I am definitely NOT interested in having chickens or any other barnyard animals is this subdivision.

    I love animals of all kinds and have lived in big cities and in the country with the majority of my relatives being farmers and know how important it is to keep our local farms.

    By the time you factor in the entire start up and on going expenses and proper up keep of these chickens you are no further ahead. There are plenty local small reputable farmers trying to make a living selling organic fruits, veggies and meats, including chickens….Look to them if this is your concern for what you eat.

    We have all noticed the last couple of years the increase in foxes in the Amherstview area. And I must say I have enjoyed watching them folic down at Fairfield House. They are getting more comfortable around people and from the ones that have gone through our backyard on a number of occasions, appear to be becoming more domesticated. ( and I suspect that they are being fed by some people….and if, so shame on you. So now factor in chickens in backyards. Well I’m sure you figure that one out.
    From what I have witnessed we have plenty of raccoons, rats etc that can and have become problematic in our neighbourhood especially if people are not being mindful to secure garbages etc. I have personally witnessed a raccoon go after a defenseless duck in a enclosed pen….so that is also something to think about as well.

    We have a responsibility to this animals and it is not all “Ah isn’t that so cute” kinda thing.

    Also, who is going to monitor this, and at whose expense. I believe my taxes would be better spend elsewhere. Or are we going to pit neighbour against neighbour when people are not maintaining the livestock or other problems arising from this.

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