Aqua fitness is great for all levels of fitness as you can work at your own pace. For anyone with joint or muscle issues, water is a wonderful and kind environment for the body to work out in.

The mitigation of gravity makes water aerobics safe for individuals able to keep their heads out of water, including seniors.

Exercise in water can also prevent overheating through continuous cooling of the body. Older people are more prone to arthritis, osteoporosis, and weak joints therefore water aerobics is the safest form of exercise for these conditions. The water also provides a stable environment with less balance control and therefore helps to prevent injury.

Our Instructor, Janice Firth, has been teaching aqua fitness on a part time basis for the last 9 years and is certified with the Canadian Aqua fitness Leaders Alliance. Since moving to Loyalist, she has been teaching classes at the Henderson Pool and Progress Fitness.  Janice is also a retired occupational therapist, with a special interest in water exercises for rehabilitation.

Wednesday (weather permitting)  4.00 PM (Closed as of 1st Oct 2014)
At the clubhouse pool

For more information contact
Janice Firth 613 877 3907

This activity is restricted to members of the Golf and Country Club [CCC]
Visitors are welcome provided they are invited and accompanied by a member of CCC.