Heritage Matters
The Industrialization Of Culturally Significant Landscapes.
When one talks about the conservation of heritage, people think of saving buildings.
An equally important element of cultural heritage is the environment of natural and man made landscapes.
It appears that despite a 10 year long battle by the Association To Protect Amherst Islands (APAI) to protect the islands environment and landscape comes down to one last chance to prevent the industrialization of the island.
On January 31st, APAI‟s appeal to stop the industrialization of the island was dismissed at the Divisional Court.

Despite this depressing news that reinforced the draconian legislation created by the Ontario Liberals, there may be a possible silver lining. The whole project now hinges on the proposed mainland dock site!
The proposed site to create the dock and staging ground for the transportation of equipment and supplies is destined to be located at the park land in front of the former Invista Plant.
Although privately owned, the park land has been enjoyed by Loyalist Township residents and thousands of tourists for decades. The site can arguably be defined as an environmental and cultural landscape that is of great importance to the community.

Putting your personal position on wind turbines aside, one has to believe that everyone would agree that the the largest open green space in Loyalist Township on Lake Ontario that abuts a township park deserves protection.
The park is commonly used by as a rest stop, picnic area, playing field and an unofficial dog park.
So let’s get back in the game! On the 31st of January, the MOECC posted an application for a temporary change in the Certificate of Property Use (CPU) for the Invista Lands from “parkland” to “allow temporary use of the private property for construction purposes” for the Windlectric project. The proposed work on the lands south of Bath Road includes the laying of underground cable to transmit electricity to a switching station and temporary use of an existing access road (with minor upgrades) to transport materials to and from a temporary dock to be located at the edge of the property. The posting also says: Put another way, the project cannot proceed without the proposed amendment to the CPU.

As a community, we are near the end of having an accessible waterfront park for our recreational purposes. If people don’t make their voices heard, and they are willing to give up this beautiful lakeside park to industrial use, then Windlectric will have the go ahead – but if people want their Park protected and will fight for it – then they must send letters in by March 2nd and be prepared to come out to a Park Rally.
The APAI Board is developing an action plan and key messages and will need you to bombard MOECC with letters of objection by March 2nd and to mobilize every friend and family member.

Send your letters to:-
Jim Mahoney District Manager (A) Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Operations Division. Eastern Regional Office Kingston District Office. 1259 Gardiners Road Unit 3 PO Box 22032 Kingston Ontario K7P 3J6
Copying Loyalist Township Council, L&A County Council, the MPP and the Premier would also be beneficial.

In the meantime if you are or know an environmental engineer who may be able to assist in the review of the application, please let APAI know (protectai@kos.net).
The MOECC notice and comment submission section is available at the attached link:


This article on the potential to loose the park was in the Kingston Whig Standard:


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