The Honking Goose has been the official newsletter of the LCCRA since November 1997 when the Residents Association was formed. We are now sending out The Honking Goose in electronic format to all LCCRA members who have provided us with their email address.

Paper copies will only go to LCCRA members who do not have a computer, do not wish to share their email address, or would like to receive a paper copy in addition to the electronic copy.

Legend has it that back in 1997 there was a contest to name the newsletter. Lots of ordinary sounding suggestions were put forward and turned down. Then one resident suggested The Honking Goose in honour of a single goose that had wintered-over and made its presence well known. The Honking Goose it was and remains.

The newsletter is published six times a year from April through November. The exact dates vary depending on events and how quickly information is submitted but each issue generally comes out the last week of the month. There are four broad areas to each issue:

Loyalist News which includes reports from LCCRA, welcoming new residents, milestones and updates on activities specific to our development.

Community Update which includes activities and articles of interest about Bath and the surrounding area

Golf Activities focusing on letting people know about upcoming events

Sunshine Club

In addition to the above, we periodically publish travel accounts. As many Loyalist residents are enthusiastic travellers, we encourage folks to share their stories especially if the experience is a bit off the well-worn path.

The Honking Goose is available in both print and email formats (PDF file). The advantage of the email version is that we are not restricted to four pages, pictures can be in colour and the fonts can be larger.

We have a dedicated group of volunteers who deliver each issue: Bruce Dodds, Joyce Friesen, Yvonne Ward, Carol Bryant, Norma and Mike Ferguson, Gord Jarvis, Ian and Mary Lou McClure, Linda Archambault, Barb Harmer and Carol Keir. Thank you everyone.

Submissions for The Honking Goose are always welcome. If they reach the editor by the 15th of the month, the likelihood of being included in the upcoming issue is quite high. A reminder is sent to all LCCRA members who have shared their email address regarding publishing dates. Submissions can be emailed to  and to

Rick Myers & Dawn Ford, Editors

Ann Myers Distribution.

Current Issue

»Since a benefit of LCCRA membership is to receive the Honking Goose, it would not be fair to members to publish the current year editions simultaneously on the web-site. Our policy, therefore, is to wait for a year before publishing the latest Honking Goose issues on the web-site.

Past Issues

»Past issues of the Honking Goose provide a rich and interesting history of the Loyalist Estates community. We are therefore including copies of the past issues up to the past year on this web-site. Please feel free to browse through them.


eGooseCurrent year issues are delivered to LCCRA members by email. Paper copies are available if requested.





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eGooseCurrent year issues are delivered to LCCRA members by email. Paper copies are available if requested.



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