Loyalist Township has presented their 2021 Budget for public consultation and comment. You are invited to voice your opinion by filling in the form found on the Township website. (Link shown below).

The bottom line of the budget is a 4% increase in residential property taxes.

The Loyalist Township Business Services Department produced Report # SR-1575 and identified non-discretionary budget pressures included in the 2021 preliminary budget.

As can be seen the big numbers appear to be far from non-discretionary. Salary increases of $337,000. Benefits increase of 8% $144,000. Four new positions created $131,000. An 18% increase in insurance costs $175,000. I notice the increase in the cost of garbage contracts $21,000. We have just seen an increase in the cost of Garbage tags by 25%. Where did that money go? A salary freeze would seem appropriate given the harsh economic reality of 2020 and 2021.

Link to the Loyalist Township website.


Please take the time to do some research before you just sign an online petition. Visit the Township website and leave your comments there. You will not be asked for a cash donation or to forward the petition to your friends.

Smoke and Mirrors

Here is an example of smoke and mirrors from the Loyalist Township Business Services Department Report # SR-1575

We can take a 4% increase now or see it reduced to 2% and have our property assessment revised upwards. I would like to see it reduced to 2% with no increase in residential property assessments.

The proposed 4% increase seems rather excessive considering the hardships Covid 19 has imposed on many households. I am sure the Township could find a 2% saving in a $18M budget.

Online Petition

There is an online petition circulating which asks you to “stop the 4% hike” the petition gives a short introduction but does not address the issues which have caused the proposed 4% increase. The company promoting this petition is Change.org an online company who advocate for issues all over the world. Once you click the “Sign this Petition” button they will ask you to send a cash donation to Change.org and a comment.

 The link to Change.org is


They do give you a link to the Township website where you can read the proposed 2021 Budget and give feedback directly to Loyalist Township. Direct feedback and comments are likely to receive much more attention especially if you comment on specific sections of the Budget.

The opinions expressed above are those of the Webmaster and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the LCCRA membership or Executive.

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  • Robert Crews

    The 4% tax increase is ridiculous! The highest increase in all our area!!
    Common sense needs to be used in these times. The township is already getting increased revenue from all the new construction!! Remember you are voted in and can be voted out!!!

  • Bill Moore

    First thank you for bringing this to our attention.
    I just sent a comment to the Township expressing my strong displeasure with such an increase.
    It looks to me that the Township has taken the path of least resistance as usual with regards to finding the money for a heavily inflated budget.
    The Township needs to be told no this will not do, due to this year’s financial climate because of covid there should be NO TAX INCREASE for the year.
    Remove the 4 new positions and remove the benefits increase.
    I hope the Mayor is taking note of our displeasure as he is an elected official in the Township.
    Bill Moore
    31 Country Club Drive

  • John Wright

    I would like to see the target for tax increases linked to official inflation,e.g. CPI. Then an affort to come in below that target.

  • Raymond Egerton

    I am tired of the loyalist council giving themselves large increases in Salary. We pay far more taxes than in the GTA. We pay exorbitant water rates. My wife and I have owned our property in Bath for 25 years. My pension has increased at the annual inflation rate but now you are asking for 4%.I think it is time to look for a new place to live.
    I know I am just one small voice, but hopefully others will voice their displeasure to these high rate in this time of difficulty.

    Ray Egerton

  • Keith Tuffrey

    Unbelievable, a 4% tax increase for salary, benefit increases and new employees? Seriously, these people need to be bridled in. I just moved into the neighborhood last July and struggled with the high tax rates with very little return versus where I moved from. That being said, I wasn’t aware of the ridiculous water bills and on top of it all, there’s a charge for garbage collection.

    Curious, What are the Hydro and Cement plants contributing?

  • John Beresford

    This is another example of inexperience when it comes to running the township. Similar to all of most of out elected representatives, municipal, provincial and federal. Most of them think that a one month course when elected is sufficient knowledge to run the government they were elected to. Not true for the majority of our representatives. They all mean good but when they get into office their heads swell, they stop to reason and forget all of the financial goals they had when running their household. There isn’t a bottomless pit to draw on. When will they use their sense of reason and quit trying to satisfy the one or two big voices and neglect the needs of the majority. Money does not grow on trees for the middle class only for the rich. When I was first married, I had 4 jobs to make ends meet. Today all you have to do is cry and ask the government to pay my bills.

  • Gary Jack

    This is another case of our Mayor and councilors not caring about the impact increases have on our citizens.
    When water rate increases were proposed four of my neighbours including myself went to two council meetings to protest the proposed increase.Unfortunately we were the only citizens there to protest.
    The rate increase included a 6% increase for the next three years starting in 2020.One of my neighbours submitted a detailed report recommending areas where they could save money and reduce the proposed rate increase.
    The mayor and councilers gave us the impression the decision was already made and our arguments didn’t have any merit. Also our report wasn’t shared with all the councilers. On top of that 2 councilers didn’t even live in Loyalist and therefore wouldn’t be paying the increase.The water increases passed for the next 3 years at 6% per year.

    Hopefully with the proposed tax rate increase we are more successful but I don’t have any faith in our Mayor or councilers. They smile and pretend to listen but in the end they believe there isn’t enough support and can easily pass the proposed increase. We must have an enormous backlash to have any chance of being successful.

  • Douglas J. Fear

    Benefits increase? Please explain that one! As we continue to live through Covid, there are few of us that can expect ANY salary increase. At best, the last few years I was working even stellar performance was rewarded with at most 2% when the economy was doing well. Having Read Councilor Townend’s Facebook post, it behooves the Township to stand their ground with MPAC and the Provincial government. He implied that their appeals went unheard and we the ratepayers should go to MPAC and the Province. Excuse me please, but what are our local elected officials for?

    Software increase? $26K for what please? What we’re not getting in this is the justification of the ridiculous increases for each of these services. I’m sure that there are other contractors available to compete with the present contrtactors rather than to accept their terms.

    It is clearly time for more creative solutions than what we are being faced with. Status quo is unacceptable in these very challenging times. Perhaps less should be set aside for reserve funds and another investment manager be found who is capable of returning more on the existing reserve funds. We aren’t seeing any transparency there, either. If my funds can return over 10% (15% and 20% actually), then perhaps the Township needs a more aggressive fund manager. Please find one.

    Finally, I doubt there are very few, if any, Loyalist residents receiving a 4% raise in their salaries. Thus this tax increase is in no way affordable nor justified.

  • John Michael Hewko

    I think a tax increase is totally unacceptable . The residents of Bath are mainly retired and on a fixed income . We already pay the highest taxes, the highest water and garbage pick-up . We don’t have a lot of roads and very minimal sidewalks to maintain . Do the people governing Loyalist County live here . I think it’s time to take a serious look at this governing body and all of the support staff and see “who” they’re loyalties are for . A change of this governing body may be needed to one that understands this community .

  • William Petersen

    I have not received any info what procedure the lccra members are to follow but if
    I can make a comment All nine members that wrote their comments were very precise
    and to the point-but to save time an show “we mean business” can we not have a group
    of members call other members and ask if they will endorse and allow us to add their
    names to show the Councel the number of members that are against this proposal.
    I would think that there is a time limit involved.
    please let me know if you wish to proceed with this idea.

  • Allan Woodward

    I am a retired Fed Gov employee. I just received my Annual Pensioner’s Statement. This statement is sent out once a year and shows the Annual Indexation of our pensions. It came out at 1%. Tell me how many employees in your office received a 1% increase.

  • Ron Betournay

    As initially stated above:
    Please ensure you make your opinions count in the official feedback portal. Copy – Paste this address into your Web Browser……https://www.loyalist.ca/en/council-and-administration/budget-and-financial-reporting.aspx

    In sharing my position; the actual Budget Book & Department Presentations as posted on the Township Website contain inconsistencies and is lacking in transparency relative to the impacts of; Staff additions, the ever-expanding tax base and, other revenue sources (i.e. Utilities, Federal/Provincial Grants, User Fees). The financial schedule posted (above) is but one example. One might say; Smoke & Mirrors!

    Bottom line; the proposed Budget increase at 4 times the CPI is fiscally irresponsible and, an assault on the intellect & livelihood of Taxpayers.

    Council needs to STOP; (1) hiding behind the postponed MPAC evaluation process, (2) aggressively replenishing reserves, (3) avoiding data transparency and, (4) using the already approved Strategic Plan as a justification for adopting a fiscally irresponsible budget in a period of high unemployment and low inflation. The implementation of the SP needs to be delayed pending its affordability.

    Residents require “Leadership” and, its seriously lacking! Council NEEDS to get grounded in reality. Increases consistent with the CPI are achievable with the revenues from the expanded tax base funding any Capital rejuvenation and providing further economies of scale to the benefit of the taxpayer. It’s time for a renewed approach to financial planning and management in the Township. Perhaps, a private sector approach in managing operations to acceptable market level revenues as opposed to accosting its residents!

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