Sunshine Club

There are new volunteers for the Sunshine Club for 2019/2020….

The Sunshine Club was delighted to receive just over  $2,400, the proceeds from the very successful Country Club Dr. Golf tournament held recently. This will ensure we are solvent into 2021! Thank you to all who contributed.

Remember we operate by word of mouth, so if you know of someone in your area who is seriously ill or in hospital, please call one of the volunteers in that area.

The Sunshine Club has been in existence almost as long as the Loyalist Country Club community has been here. It is operated by a caring group of residents with the purpose of offering support to friends and neighbours during times of bereavement and serious illness or hospital stays.

As the community has grown over the years, so has the group of dedicated volunteers who bring a little cheer by way of gifts of flowers, fruit, wine!, books etc. to the person or family in need.

No one person could possibly cover the entire neighbourhood, so the names listed below are the volunteers for their particular part of Loyalist. If you know of anyone who is in hospital or seriously ill or just needs cheering up, please contact the person responsible for that area so that the appropriate action can be taken.

To see your area representatives Click HERE