The Village of Bath Voice (VOBV) and the Loyalist Country Club Residents Association (LCCRA) invite you to participate in an

“All Candidates Meeting”

The meeting will be held on the evening of Thursday, October 11, 2018 between 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. at St. John’s Hall, 216 Church St., Bath, ON.

In attendance will be the candidates for Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillor for our  Ward 2 area.

  • Ric Bresee   (Candidate for Mayor)
  • Joy Silver     (Candidate for Mayor)
  • Lorna Willis  (Candidate for Mayor)
  • Jim (Jamie) Hegadorn (Candidate for Deputy Mayor)
  • Bill McKee      (Candidate for Deputy Mayor)
  • Ron Andress        (Candidate for Councillor Ward 2)
  • Ed Daniliunas      (Candidate for Councillor Ward 2)
  • Carol Ann Parks  (Candidate for Councillor Ward 2)

This will be a moderated meeting with questions from the community that we ask you to submit in advance. These questions should be about concerns you have in the following areas.

  • Economic development             
  • Taxation
  • Township services
  • Tourism
  • Heritage
  • Parks and recreation
  • Culture
  • Property standards
  • Customer service
  • Planning

To pose a question to the candidates scroll to the bottom of this page and write your question in the area marked “COMMENTS” and then select the “SEND COMMENT” button.

On behalf of the organizing committee, thank you in advance  for your questions. We hope you can attend the meeting, meet the candidates and hear their plans for governing our community.

To read the manifestos of the candidates click HERE

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  • Robert E. Hilson

    says on:
    October 11, 2018 at 4:54 pm

    Would you support the co-ordination of the fire alarms at all township firehalls into an “imminent danger tornado” warning system? If not, why?

    What is your position regarding the cancellation by the Ontario government under Premier Douglas Ford of the most recent sex education curriculum and its replacement with the one taught in 1998?

    Robert E. Hilson
    151 Manor Road, Bath

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