Many of us enjoy the extensive collection of books, games, videos and music CDs available for our use in the clubhouse library. Recently our two dedicated volunteer librarians Joyce Hansen & Joan Banks discovered some water damage to one of the bookshelves and some of the books.

Water had soaked the carpet in the corner of the library and wicked up the book shelf on to the books. Mold had developed on several of the books as well as the bookcase itself. Regrettably the moldy books had to be discarded. The bookshelf has been removed and the clubhouse is attempting to remove the mold and repair the water damaged wood.

There is still considerable mold evident on the drywall and skirting boards in various locations throughout the basement. This will need to be addressed once the source of the leak is located. With the new roof gradually being installed on the clubhouse there should be improvements in the mold and damp conditions in the basement.

Most people think green when they think of mold, but black mold, or Stachybotrys chartarum, is actually a very common problem in damp or water-damaged areas and it can be dangerous. As far as I am aware the mold in the library has not been identified.

The library remains open for use by members but some books are now being stored on tables. Joyce and Joan ask that you hold on to any books, videos, games or CDs that you may wish to donate until the shelving issue is resolved.

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