Healthy Hearts

We all know that Heart Fitness – exercise – is important for heart health. Studies have shown that cardiovascular activity strengthens the heart muscle yet it’s important to know how much cardio is right for you.

We are starting to hear more and more about the role friendships and happiness play in keeping a heart healthy. Recent studies have shown that people with a close group of friends are healthier than those without. Join friends and neighbours in our Healthy Hearts fitness program. Improve your fitness and make new friends.

Healthy Heart Exercise Program – 2018/19

 Registration forms for the 2018/19 season are now available and all interested members, including past participants are required to sign a new registration form. They are available from Lacey in the Clubhouse Office or can be downloaded HERE..

It is planned to officially start this year’s program will be announced shortly and confirmation will be sent to all registered members by the Team Leaders.

For the benefit of new members in the community, the Healthy Heart program is a replica of the Cardiac Rehab Program from Hotel Dieu Hospital.  It is run as a member driven activity with volunteer group leaders.

Several of the leaders have been doing this for a few years and they will be returning.

There is no charge for participating in the program as it is a feature of being a CCC member.

Groups meet 3 times weekly for approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes with each session involving warm-up activities, 30 minute cardio circuit in the gym, resistance training with weights followed by stretching and cool down.

Please bring your own Yoga mat if you have one.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday Groups.

  •  8.00 AM Leader– TBD
  • 9.00 AM Leader–TBD
  • 10.00 AM Leader– TBD
  • 11.00 AM Leader–TBD

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Groups.

  • 8.00 AM TBD
  • 9.00 AM Leader–TBD
  • 10.00 AM Leader–TBD
  • 11.00 AM — TBD

The Healthy Hearts Program does not offer any professional trainers or medical support personnel. Rather, it is simply a group of Country Club Communities Members gathering to participate in a common interest of fulfilling a regular exercise format.

It is the participants’ responsibility to ascertain, from their own personal physician, that this program is appropriate for them.

This activity is restricted to members of the Golf and Country Club [CCC]. Participants will be required to sign a waiver. 

Visitors are welcomed, provided space is available, and they are invited and accompanied by a member of CCC.

 (See [CCC and LCCRA] what’s the difference »)