This year,  as in previous years, The Bath Family Pharmacy we will be giving flu shots. In order to keep everyone safe they are in the process of developing and installing extra Covid 19  related precautions and protocols.

As well as the standard flu shots they will  also have the high dose flu vaccine for seniors 65 and over and for people with high risk.

The Bath Family Pharmacy do not have a confirmed date to receive flu vaccine but are expecting it to be anywhere from 2nd to 3rd week of October.

In order to receive the flu vaccine you must fill out the attached form and bring it with you.     Click HERE to access the form.
If you would prefer you can pick up a form from the Pharmacy.

Once the Covid 19 protocols are in place and the vaccine is received they are planning to open longer hours on weekdays and weekends to give as many flu vaccines as possible. 

As soon as the vaccines are available you will receive another email detailing the protocols to be followed and the hours of operation.

Thank you
Mitul Pavagadhi
Bath Family Pharmacy


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